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Different Rugs for Different Sections of the House

Rugs add a certain charm and warmth to your house. You get some stylish and functional inclusions to any design you aim in any room. You should, therefore, take time to know which ones fit the different sections of your house.
The material used in the design makes for an important consideration in the designs. Your choice of materials matters for each section. As you choose the materials, consider the use of that space, the traffic it normally receives, and the levels of coziness you aim to attain in there. Here are some common materials, and where they would appropriately fit.
Wool is beloved for its softness and durability. It is a strong material that has great stain and water-repelling qualities. It feels nice and luxurious to the touch, and comes with high insulating properties. It however needs to be kept away from humid areas of the house, since it takes in plenty of moisture. There may also be some shedding over time. It is best used in the living room, dining area and corridor.
Silk make for a soft and luxurious rug. They make a bold statement in any design consideration. The material also allows for more intricate and detailed design, thus being ideal for highly visible sections. You, however, have to get it professionally cleaned and maintained. They should be placed in places with low traffic such as the bedrooms.
Cotton is a good choice for flatweave rugs. You also get better prices as opposed to wool or silk. The material is also easier to maintain than the other options. You only have to deal with a higher replacement rate, seeing as it does not age that well. You should consider it for the kitchen or children’s room.
Sisal and other natural grasses make for the best choices in diverse design scenarios. The natural fibers are easier to design, and do not lead to too much harm on the environment. They do not result in any chemical processing, and there is no use of animal products. Choose the softer and easier to clean options. You can place them on sunny areas like the patio.
There are also animal skins for rugs. You must have come across them as complete hides, stitched panels, or woven strips of leather. They make for soft and durable rugs that are easy to clean and present unique and bold design pieces. They should however not be placed in damp and humid areas.
There are also the synthetic options. You will find them as viscose, nylon, and polypropylene. Through technological innovation, these materials look and feel like natural fibers. They therefore allow for better designs that are easy to clean, able to sustain damp environments, and even used outdoors.
With such material considerations and characteristics, you will manage to pick the right rugs for different sections of your house.

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