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Window Cleaning Services
If you are considering opening a window cleaning service, you should research the different types and prices of supplies you will need. While it may be tempting to start with low prices and gradually increase your prices as you gain experience, it will end up hurting your business. It’s also important to invest in quality equipment and supplies that will last you a long time. Having reliable equipment will reduce the likelihood of turning down jobs because your customers won’t have any complaints.

Depending on the size of your home and how many windows you have, you can choose between residential and commercial window cleaning services. Prices for residential window cleaning generally range from $150 to $500. Usually, the cost increases as the number of windows gets bigger. You can calculate the cost per square foot to find out the exact price. Residential window cleaning services generally don’t go above $150 per window, and the price per pane can range from $14 to 28.

Professional window cleaners have special equipment that allows them to reach difficult areas. For example, second-story windows are typically out of reach for homeowners. Professional window cleaners can safely reach these windows because they know how to clean them without risking an accident. You don’t want to risk a serious injury by climbing up and down ladders to clean windows. Moreover, hiring a professional window cleaning service ensures your safety as they know the right way to clean windows.

When it comes to NYC window cleaning, it is important to choose a company that has experience and is dedicated to providing high quality work at affordable prices. Choose a window cleaning company that cares about its clients and provides personalized services. A family-owned window cleaning company based in Manhattan can be trusted to provide excellent quality services and reasonable prices. With over 90 years of experience, this window cleaner NYC company can provide quality window cleaning services at a competitive price.

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